Pet Wellness Partners is dedicated to making the world a better, safer, healthier and more natural and sustainable place for all living creatures. We believe existing providers of animal nutrition products have no intention to cause any harm, but that there are preferable alternatives ready, willing and able to disrupt current market standard products and our mission is to support both these companies in revolutionizing the animal health and pet product markets as well as the market leaders in embracing external innovation and partnering with early-stage companies that can accelerate innovation in the market.

Pet Wellness Partners was founded to provide capital, advisory services, and team support to early-stage companies offering natural, effective and science-based alternatives to traditional pet food and pet supply products.

Pet Wellness Partners believes all early stage companies benefit greatly from expertise in product development, branding, distribution, online & digital sales, regulations & labeling, management, financing, and company structure & governance. It’s never too soon to start preparing small companies for big growth, a major investment or even a strategic exit.

There is no shortage of strategic partners and professional investors willing to acquire or invest in large, profitable companies, but few are willing to address the challenges of supporting early stage entrepreneurs. Pet Wellness Partners was founded to bridge this investment and advisory gap for the hundreds of companies active in the emerging and dynamic category of pet wellness.